Robert A.W. Keithley, age 17 of Thompson Station, TN, died May 31 as a result of an accidental drowning. He was born May 6, 2002 in Independence MO, the son of Christopher Keithley and Shelly Stewart.

He attended Independence High School in Thompson Station where he had just finished his Sophomore year. He was a member of the JROTC and participated in Rifle Team. He also was a participant in drama club and was in the Polar Express pay as an acrobat where he was known to do back flips at and during school.

Robert (Bobby) is survived by his parents Chris Keithley and Shelly Stewart. His 2 sisters Blake and Lainey. He also leaves his grandparents of Karen Keithley-Laws, Don Laws and Vicki Key.

Bobby was handsome, kind, never met a stranger. He loved to dance and listen to music. I know it has been said before, but Bobby was an original. He was an old artistic soul with an introverted and kind heart combined with an extrovert spirit. He had the flair or vests, bowties and silly hats. He was just as comfortable if not more just keeping to himself and just observing others When he turned it on, he could turn it to 11. If he liked something, he was 100% into it. He wasn’t swayed by trends or fashion or being the coolest he just fine in his own skin being Bobby.

Far more talented in the arts than I he had the gift of drawing. He loved digital arts for the details, learning how to shade drawings, He would watch a movie and always notice what was in the background more than the focus of the lens. He loved comedy and meme jokes and would always try to make each other, and others laugh

We paid it forward many times together helping homeless, paying for groceries, any street corner boot donations to help others, feeling good about the good we had done. We volunteered in organized and mostly un-organized manners to help where we could. He always opened doors for ladies, for cars and restaurants he always tried to be a gentleman.

Funeral arrangements have been made and will take place Monday June 3rd at St Philip Catholic Church at 113 2nd Ave S. Franklin. visitation will be at 6 p.m. with the service starting at 7 p.m. In lieu of flowers we will be setting up a donation to charity in Bobby’s honor. A future link will be made available on Facebook once that has been determined.