OBITUARY: Philip Carr “Phil” Valentine

Philip Carr

Philip Carr “Phil” Valentine, nationally acclaimed radio talk show host, passed away on August 21, 2021 at the age of 61 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Phil is survived by his wife, Susan Shirley Valentine; his children, Carr, Campbell, and Douglas; his siblings, Steve Valentine, Mark Valentine (Tonja), and Beth Dollar (Steven); his stepmother, Barbara Valentine; and his beloved in-laws and extended family.

The son of the late Congressman Tim Valentine and the late Betsy Carr Valentine, Phil was born on September 9, 1959 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Growing up a few miles away in Nashville, North Carolina, Phil graduated from Northern Nash High School. After a brief stint at East Carolina University, Phil enrolled in broadcasting school at Carolina School of Broadcasting.

Within a year of graduating, Phil landed his first radio job, and spent several years in a small market near his hometown before working in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 1985, Phil packed up everything he owned and moved to Nashville, Tennessee on nothing but faith. Within a week, he had secured a part-time job in music radio. After three months, it would become a full-time position. From there, Phil began to work his way up the ladder, eventually landing at WLAC-FM. Just three years later, he would have one of the highest rated morning shows in Nashville and was voted by readers of The Tennessean as “DJ of the Year.”

Phil was then given an opportunity in talk radio when WWTN offered him a position as a morning host. In June of 1995, The Phil Valentine Show was born, finding an instant audience. Following the show’s success, Phil was offered yet another job, this time for WWDB in Philadelphia. In his first year, he won three AIR Awards (Achievement in Radio) for Best Talk Show, Best New Talent, and Best Morning Show Host or Team—a first in radio history.

Following his success in one of the country’s largest radio markets, Phil returned home to Nashville, Tennessee in 1998. Back at WLAC, he and his long-time friend and producer John “Johnny B” Bozeman worked their way to the top of the Nashville market. Simultaneously, the pair led the fight against a state income tax in Tennessee. The issue reached a fever pitch in 2002 when throngs of protestors energized by talk radio honked their car horns outside the Capitol, ultimately stopping the measure in its tracks.

In December of 2003, Phil announced he would be moving his show to 99.7 WTN. That same year, he released his first book, a guide to conservative philosophy called Right From the Heart: The ABC’s of Reality in America. Within a few weeks of its release, it hit the Top 100 of Amazon’s bestselling books.

But Phil’s creative endeavors would not stop there. On top of helming a nationally syndicated talk show, he published a second book, Tax Revolt, as well as a number of novels. In 2012, he created the award-winning documentary An Inconsistent Truth. He would also go on to write accoladed screenplays for both movies and television, as well music that garnered international radio play. In 2018, he co-hosted a podcast with his son, Campbell, called The PodGOATs. The podcast broke 1 million downloads and received a number of honors.

In total, Phil received 17 AIR Awards in Nashville, including 5 for Best Talk Show Host. He has been named by Talkers magazine as one of the 100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts of all time. But above all, Phil was a devoted father and husband. In a final letter to his wife and children he wrote, “Please know, of all the things that kept me busy, nothing was more important than my family.” And, nothing was more evident to those who loved him and knew him best. He will be deeply missed.

A celebration of life is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 28, 2021 at the amphitheater at Ramsey Solutions, 1011 Reams Fleming Blvd., Franklin, TN for friends and family. Dr. Jon Roebuck will officiate. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to the Nashville Rescue Mission in Phil’s honor.

Woodbine Funeral Home, Hickory Chapel, 615-331-1952.


    • He died of Covid after relentlessly mocking the vaccine on his radio show. He misled thousands of his listeners who placed their trust in him.

      • You apparently did not listen to his show. He did not mock vaccine. He weighed the odds of his taking it or not. With original COVID he was probably right in his assessment but Delta Variant was more dangerous. He told people to talk to their doctor and make their own decision. He only explained how he arrived at his decision to not vaccinate.

      • please read my post to Dan Michaels. He never denied pandemic and was not anti-vaccine. He chose not to take it himself and laid out reasons why. You did not listen to him or you would not comment on this in an untrue way.

  1. Covid. He spread skepticism about the vaccine and said he thought his chances of dying from Covid were “less than one percent”. Hopefully others will learn from his mistake.

    • We take calculated risks every time we get behind the wheel of a car or get in an airplane, yet we still do them every day-millions and billions of us. The last time I checked we still live in a free society and can do what we believe is best for us at that time. That is what makes us human, we have free will. There is a special place in hell for someone who makes fun of the dead.

  2. Ridiculous…. That even in the obituary of this conservative broadcaster they choose not to use this platform to express the legitimacy and seriousness of the disease that killed him.
    He made all his money as a messenger with radio and books but the most important he could have left , was left out!!!!

    • an obituary is not the place to talk about a disease that killed someone. When someone dies of heart disease they don’t make a plea for people to lose weight and exercise. That is not the purpose of an obituary.

  3. I didn’t ever meet uncle Phil but, I loved to listen to his conversations. Mostly I believed in his judgement. His loyalties to the same ideas I had. I am absolutely floored by what happened and I remind you all of what happens to those who speak badly of the dead.
    I stand with Uncle Phil and those of the same persuasion.
    In his case “one wrong move and it’s over”
    Means it’s over. Maybe.

  4. No where does it mention wearing masks at the celebration of life, so let’s have another super-spreader event

  5. Great Man of honor Great family man and provider ! I enjoyed listening to his perspective . Humorous never took his fame to mind .Loved everyone! Great work ethic! Loved by many across the U.S. Will be greatly missed !❤ ✔ out the Podgoats Podcast great entertainment!

  6. Accomplished more that 10 in his lifetime Author, actor , columnist, Radio Commentator, Kept Tennessee from having a State Income Tax! Great husband to Susan and Dad to 3 sons! Will be missed greatly!

  7. Dead vaccine skeptic celebrated at site of Dave Ramsey Superspreader Christmas Gala. How appropriate. P.S. anthropomorphic climate change is real. Fare Thee Well Uncle Phil.

  8. All the hateful comments represent your hateful hearts. It must suck to be you! Always mad, always looking for an opportunity to spew hate to those who are left to deal with the loss. As much as I want to wish you the worst I don’t because that would make me just like you ! You’re just insanely jealous he was such a success at telling the truth. Not anyone of you hateful keyboard warriors could hold a candle to him, not one! Phil Valentine was one of a kind and this world is a better place for him being in it. God speed to Phil and family. The rest of you can pound sand!!!

  9. I’m shocked at how mean people are. This is an honorable man’s obituary. Where is your sense of decency? This was a man loved by his family and many, many people.

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