Nutrition & Fitness Works Together at Studio Novo


We know you are busy which is why Studio Novo offers the Lagree method. In just 50 minutes, you are done with your workout for the day.  But have you considered how your nutrition affects your workout? A report by the Mayo Clinic indicates that proper nutrition can boost any exercise routine and affect performance and feelings of well-being while exercising. The best kinds of nutrition depend on the results that a person is seeking and the type of exercise being performed.

Planning is key to keeping your nutrition on track, just like you plan your classes, you must plan your meals to get the full benefit from your workouts.

Here are some tips on how to eat healthy during the week.  It only takes a little bit of planning.

1. Package of a 1/2 cup of berries and nuts for that on the go healthy snack.

2. Protein is key to your diet.  Roast a chicken on Sunday to have for salads or sandwiches throughout the week.

3. Cook half a dozen hard boiled eggs. Another great protein to add to your week.  Also, another  great portable snack, use them in salads,  or a sandwich.

4. How many times have you bought veggies that sit in the refrigerator  all week?  Chop them up at the beginning of the week so you can have them available for snacks.  Or buy a veggie tray at the store, we promise we won’t tell anyone.

5. Prepare a few cups of Quinoa or brown rice to  have throughout the week.  Two great sources of protein that are so versatile  as they can be a side dish, main dish or tossed into a salad.

Studio Novo is located at Carothers Parkway, Franklin.  The first class is always FREE.  Book your class now at Studio Novo. Currently, Studio Novo is offering a summer special where each class is just $15 a savings of $10 per class, but don’t delay as the summer special pricing ends on July 3st.

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