Is Nolensville Winning at Lower Crime Rates?

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Nolensville is south of Brentwood and borders Davidson County.  With explosive growth in the last five years, the city’s population has changed from 2,313 residents in 2000 to almost 7,000.

With any city growing at such a rapid pace, there are concerns about infrastructure, traffic and of course crime.

Williamson County has a lower crime rate than Tennessee and the National Crime Rate. See our information on how Tennessee Compares to the National Statistics.  In our reader survey regarding local crime, 73.5% of Nolensville respondents said they themselves have not had a crime committed against them or anyone that they know.

Crime rates reported by the TBI shows that Nolensville had 182 offenses which equates to a  less than a three percent crime rate.

The top three offenses reported by the TBI were Drugs/Narcotics was the top offender with 17 offenses. With 16 offenses, Theft from Motor Vehicle and Destruction/Damage-Vandalism were the other top offenses. Read about how to protect yourself and your property.

One respondent left the following comment on our survey:

I have lived in both Brentwood and Nolensville for the past 20 years. As our cities have grown, so has the crime. My biggest concern is the drugs at Ravenwood. This means drugs in our community. I don’t understand why drug dogs can’t be brought in to schools at a minimum of once a month. Everyone knows the drug situation at Ravenwood but it is swept under the rug.

I have walked the Crockett walking trails for 20 years. I think it is time that they are monitored by police on bikes. I know that was tried before, a long time ago. I still feel safe there but the walking path clientele is changing. I think it time to increase police presence before it gets out of hand. I love Williamson County.

Nolensville recently installed a prescription drop-off box this week. As part of a Williamson County Anti-Drug Coalition (WCADC) initiative, the box provides a safe, environmentally-sound alternative to flushing away old or unused prescription medicine.

From Monday through Friday during business hours anyone is welcome to come to city hall in Nolensville adjacent to the police department and drop off their prescriptions.

Williamson County Drug Anti-Drug Coalition mission is to implement effective strategies that prevent substance abuse among 14-18 year olds in Williamson County Tennessee by building strong partnerships to help support a healthy, drug-free community. Learn more about their resources for parents and programs for youth here. 

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