Nolensville Teen Competes on The X Factor

Chase Goehring performed “Airplanes”  for the judges  on Wednesday October 9, in what they call the “four chair challenge.”  This means the boys judge, Paulina, has only four chairs to fill. Throughout ten auditions, Paulina can either give a singer a seat or send them home immediately. Even if she asks a competitor to “take a seat”, she can send them home later on in order to give their seat to someone else.

The judges reaction to Chase’s performance was less than favorable to his song choice. “ I don’t know if I necessarily liked hearing you sing that song,” commented Kelly Rowland  and   Simon Cowell said “I  almost wish I’d never heard that,”

Paulina was not wowed by the performance and said she preferred Chase’s original  audition in which he sang one of his original songs.  Despite the not-so-great comments by the judges, they asked him to stay on the show and he took a seat. However, there were five more boys to perform who could possibly uproot one of the taken seats.  Next up was Tim Olstad who won over Paulina sending Stone Martin home.   Carlito  Olivero gave a stunning performance and Paulina wanted him in the final four. In order to keep Carlito, she sent Chase home.

Chase Goehring addressed his fans on Twitter on Wednesday night saying “like don’t get me wrong I loved being on the X Factor and everything, but it’s not the final destination.”  His fans have not forgotten Chase–he has over 27 thousand Twitter followers.  I’m sure we will hear more about Chase Goehring soon!


Original Post 10.1.13

Chase Goehring, of Nolensville, has made it to the top 10 boys. The California born teen ,who resembles a young Ed Sheeran, moved to Tennessee in 2001 with his family. In middle school, he decided to take piano lessons, which led to him becoming the keyboardist for a band. From there, he taught himself to play the guitar and ukuele before deciding on a soloist career.

Chase captured the attention of the judges with his charm as he asked Demi Lovato if she would go on a picnic with him, to which she said yes! Even the hard-hitting judge, Simon Cowell, said he would like to work with Chase. After being selected, he said“it’s the greatest feeling”.

Tune in on Wednesday and Thursday nights on FOX 17 for the X Factor at 7 pm. If you missed his performance on X Factor, check out this YouTube video of his latest song, “Hurt” and follow Chase on Twitter and Facebook.