The city of Nolensville

The town of Nolensville is looking to hire a town administrator to help foster the growth of the community while also helping the small town retain it’s character, scenic value and ecological quality.


In light of recent development deals in the area, Nolensville wants to hire someone who will manage growth of the area with care for the community’s vision of retaining the scenic small town charm of Nolensville while taking care to build the roadways and infrastructure in order to meet growth needs.

The population of the 9.5 square mile town has grown fast in recent years, shooting up almost 30 percent since 2010. The growing population numbers show no signs of slowing down. The town administrator position was a recommendation from a strategic growth study conducted for the town of Nolensville.

Residential and commercial developers alike are beginning to notice rural areas like Nolensville as a prime place for growth around Nashville.

“Certainly growth is part of the equation for the Town Administrator, but I also believe it is the next step in an rapidly evolving town that demands excellence,” said Nolensville alderman Bryan Snyder. “We strive for controlled growth and small town charm that can be maintained. Nolensville is not the rural community it was years ago, however it still feels like small town America.”

Candidates should possess a Bachelor’s Degree in public administration, business administration, or a field closely related to municipal management, with a Master’s Degree in a related field preferred; and a minimum of 5 years of progressively increasing professional experience with a municipality. To apply check out the full job description and send an email to