Nolensville Musician Receives Accolades from DJ Khaled

Chase Goehring: Original Rapper Get's HIT with DJ Khaled's GOL...

Chase Goehring WILL BE A HUGE STAR!! This unique rapper sings original ' ACapella' get's hit with DJ Khaled's GOLDEN BUZZER!!!!

Posted by Talent Recap on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nolensville singer/songwriter Chase Goehring, 21, performed in round 2 of America’s Got Talent Tuesday night. He won the judges over in round 1 with an original song called “Hurt,” and he chose another original song for round 2 called “A Capella.”

Goehring introduced the song saying “I really just want to be my own artist and make music people can relate to.”

The judges were blown away by his performance. Guest judge DJ Khaled even gave Goehring the coveted golden buzzer, which sends performers straight to the live rounds.

“The lyrics are real and authentic, the way you breakin’ it down. You’re on your way to being a star. This show and this stage is going to make you into a superstar,” Khaled said before pressing the metallic gold button, later adding: “We got to work together.”

Simon Cowell said, “The best compliment I can give you is there is nothing I can tell you because you have it all happening.”

Goehring talked with People Magazine on Wednesday morning recapping what it was like to watch the show on Tuesday night.

“It was just so surreal, I was reliving the moment. It was a blur because you forget 90 percent of what they said to me.”

In talking about the live rounds, Goehring says he will continue with his original music.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays on NBC. Be sure to follow Chase Goehring on Facebook for the latest updates.