Nolensville Indy Film Premieres Nov 9

Independent film Why We Breathe, which was filmed primarily in Nolensville, premieres November 9 at 10am in Murfreesboro.

The film is set primarily in Nolensville. Viewers will see shots of Historic Nolensville and Southern Hospitality Diner along with a few areas of Franklin. Not only was the movie filmed primarily in Williamson County but all of the actors (with the exception of one) are locally based.

Why We Breathe is the story of Carrie Hicks. Her life consists of working doubles at the diner, running to gigs at bars to chase her elusive dream of becoming a singer-songwriter, helping her daughter, Emma, with homework, and all the while supporting Rodney, her deadbeat boyfriend.

But when Rodney’s abuse lands him in jail and Emma in a wheelchair, Carrie makes a run for it with her daughter. Carrie and Emma attempt to start again in the tiny town of Nolensville with help from Carrie’s Uncle Earl and his church-folk friends. But when Rodney comes looking for them, Carrie and Emma must find the strength they never knew they had.

We spoke to Producer, Charity Spencer who shared about the struggle of being an independent film and raising money, the places you may recognize in the film, and details of the premiere.

Movie Premiere: Why We Breathe
November 9, movie starts at 10 a
Premiere 6 Theatre, 810 NW Broad Street, Murfreesboro
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