Nolensville High culinary

Nolensville High culinaryFrom WCS inFocus

Nolensville High culinary students may earn high school and college credit thanks to an agreement with Columbia State Community College (CSCC).

“Today was a remarkable day for Nolensville High,” said WCS CCTE Director Juli Oyer. “The outstanding partnership between NHS and CSCC sets forth an exemplar for our schools. Offering students dual enrollment and dual credit in an industry bursting at the seams is exactly what should be happening.”

The credit hours culinary students earn will go toward a Columbia State Hospitality and Tourism Management Technical Certificate.

“Our partnership with Columbia State will give my students new and exciting opportunities in the culinary field,” said Nolensville High College, Career and Technical Education teacher Lyndsey Weatherford. “The ability of my students to graduate with a technical certificate will make them more employable and let them better their community and the hospitality industry.”

Columbia State’s technical certificate program aims to provide students with basic industry knowledge, business management skills and real-world experience.

“We want students to have an advantage when they go on to post-secondary education and to their careers,” said WCS Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney. “This is just another example of Williamson County stepping forward with a great partner in Columbia State to give students exactly that.”