Looking at reports from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for crime in Nolensville from 2010-2014, we can see that Nolensville crime has risen along with population growth over the past few years. Since Nolensville has the lowest population in the county, Nolensville crime numbers account for a very small portion of countywide crime numbers.

Nolensville offenses

The most prominent crimes in Nolensville are typically theft, assault, vandalism/damage/destruction and fraud. Over the past few years, drugs/narcotic offenses have been on the rise, as well as DUI, fraud and theft.

“We had 178 Group As last year. That’s really not bad when you look at the scope of things,” Nolensville Police Chief Troy Huffines said. “As our population grows, yes, more incidents happen. Our numbers are expected to rise as that increases.”

The Nolensville Police Department currently has eight officers. They expect to be hiring another officer this summer for an overall number of nine officers for the area of just over 9.5 square miles.

“We just don’t have the call volume to justify [more officers] now, but as we continue to add neighborhoods, yes we need to get to 15 officers at least if not more,” Huffines said.

As the town of Nolensville works on increasing their commerce and industrial revenues, Huffines said the police department will be adding more officers as the budget allows.

Group A Offenses20102011201220132014
Simple Assault121581516
Aggravated Assualt1 2367
Theft39243439 46
Motor Vehicle Theft23133
Statutory Rape10000
Forcible Rape00011

“We do directed, targeted initiatives and enforcement on anything that we see is becoming a problem,” Huffines said. “We will do specific initiatives tasked at targeting those direct things as well as educating victims of crime.”

Group B Arrests20102011201220132014
Disorderly Conduct40002
Liquor Law Violation12427
Family Non-Violent00002
All Other Offenses8581411

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