Nolensville Car Wash Offers a Family-Friendly Spooky Experience

The Blood Bath
photo from Wash 37135

One Nolensville car wash is trying to spice up the spooky season with a fun alternative.

Wash 37135 is offering up its second annual family-friendly event called ​The Blood Bath.​

Paying customers will receive a discounted Premium Wash for $10 and they can expect a lot of fun while getting a spooky clean car. All families coming through the wash will receive ​free candy​ from. Once you enter into the wash tunnel your car will be drenched from ​The Blood Bath​. Their “Fright Cams” will be active to capture those brave enough to make it all the way through the tunnel! Finally, make sure to turn on H2O Radio (88.3) to hear all of your favorite Halloween jams and local ghost stories.

You only get three chances to see The​ ​Blood Bath. It will be open on October 23-24, and October 30 ​from 6PM – 10PM.

Wash 37135 is located at 912 Oldham Drive next to Martin’s Barbecue. Wash 37135 wants to continue to create special events to generate a sense of community and fun experiences.

For the latest updates, follow Wash 37135 on Facebook.


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