Nine-year-old Jaden Stallbories Honored with Spring Hill Mayor’s Proclamation

Jaden Stallbories
Nine-year-old Jaden Stallbories, 2020 National Ambassador of Hydrocephalus Awareness is honored with Mayor’s proclamation at the August 17 BOMA meeting

Jaden Stallbories of Spring Hill may only be 9 years old, but he has endured and survived more than most people much older. He’s a warrior and a champion. He has survived four life-threatening brain surgeries. Jaden suffers from an incurable brain condition called Hydrocephalus, and the many scars and stitch marks on his head are the result of those brain surgeries he has battled against – and won.

Occurring in approximately 1 of every 500 births, and in over one million Americans today, Hydrocephalus is a condition in which excessive fluid gathers in the brain, abnormally widening spaces in the brain and placing potentially harmful pressure on brain tissues. Because of lack of advancements in treatment, many affected individuals are left unable to lead full and productive lives. Untreated, Hydrocephalus could be fatal.

Jaden was selected as one of two children to serve as the 2020 National Ambassador of Hydrocephalus Awareness, for the Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation, to help raise the level of awareness and education about Hydrocephalus in the United States. As ambassador, Jaden has been featured in advertisement campaigns and promotional materials for Hydrocephalus Awareness throughout the year. Jaden and his family have just returned from Washington, DC for the PHF’s Annual Issues & Action Hydrocephalus Conference.

Jaden and his mom, Carissa attended last night’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting online. Mayor Rick Graham honored Jaden for his determination, strength, and inspiration while facing this tremendous challenge, as well as proclaiming that September is Hydrocephalus Awareness Month. Mayor Graham remarked, “If we were all here in person, everyone in the courtroom would be applauding you right now, Jaden.” As he finished saying so, everyone in attendance online unmuted their mics and did indeed applaud this brave young man.

spring hill bomaTo learn more about Hydrocephalus, or to support finding a cure visit

(Some notes taken from 01/08/2020 Press Release by Michael Illions, 


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