NHL All-Star Buzz Gripping Nashville

While the Predators are making moves to prepare for the back half of their schedule, the staff at Bridgestone Arena and the Music City Center are preparing for the NHL All-Star Game. For the first time in the city of Nashville’s history, the all-star game of one of the major 4 sports leagues will be coming to the Music City. January 30th is the skills competition, while the games themselves will be played on January 31st.

This year, the NHL has changed the way the All-Star Game is played. After making the rule changes to their overtime rules this year, the NHL has made the All-Star Game a 3-on-3, four team tournament with each team of 11 representing the four divisions. Each division will have a team of 11 players, six forwards, three defensemen, and two goalies. The Predators will have three players, defensemen Roman Josi and Shea Weber and goalie Pekka Rinne, representing them in the game. The tournament is set up for the two teams from the same conference to face off in the semifinals. The games will be two 10 minute halves. If the teams are tied after 20 minutes, the teams will go to a shootout.

The night before the All-Star Game, the Eastern Conference and Western Conference players will compete in the skills competition. The six events of the skills competition are the fastest skater, breakaway challenge, accuracy shooting, skills challenge relay, hardest shot, and shootout. This year, Shea Weber looks to defend his hardest shot crown after last year’s winning shot reached a staggering 105.8 MPH.

Tickets began at $321 for lower bowl and club level tickets and $221 for upper level tickets. Tickets are sold out through the Predators and are only available through the secondary market, with low prices on StubHub of $675. This year, the NHL All-Star Game is certainly one of the hottest tickets in town.

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