NFL Draft: Titans Daft History-Part 1


There wasn’t much to write about last year, at least not much good. Let’s admit it, the Titans were a mess. So, I went back and began looking at the last 10 years as we enter NFL Draft Week and decided to look at what the Titans had done in the draft. Now I understand, hindsight is 20/20, but a lot of ¬†what I found was in many cases just daft:

2005: With the 6th pick overall and CBs Samari Rolle and Andre Dyson packed off to new teams, the Titans reached for problem child Adam “Pacman” Jones. We all know how that worked out. In a draft where many stellar names dropped down , i.e. Aaron Rodger, Frank Gore, Roddy White, and Antrel Rolle (picked 8th) we reached for Pacman. While Roos , Stewart and Fuller worked out for the Titans later in the draft, the majority of the picks like Roby, Scaife, and Roydell Williams did not.

2006: With the #2 pick overall (sound familiar?) the Titans grabbed Vince Young at QB. Enough said. They followed that with Lendale White and Calvin Lowry. Highlights were Stephen Tulloch and the 7th round steal of Cortland Finnegan. Otherwise, not much to say here. Notable players passed upon: Maurice Jones Drew, WR Greg Jennings, CB/WR/Return Specialist Devin Hester.

2007: Finally we get a First Round Pick right! Michael Griffith comes to us at the #19 overall. And then it goes downhill: Chris Henry RB, Paul Williams WR, and many more forgottens. A case could be made for Leroy Harris, if you needed to make one. Notable players the Titans could have drafted include: honestly no one of note, just wasn’t a great year.

2008: Another hit at #24 overall with CJ2K Chris Johnson. TE Craig Stevens being the only other bright spot with only 7 picks that year. Notable Players passed on: RB Jamaal Charles and TEs Martellus Bennett and Jermichael Finley.

2009: WR Kenny Britt came at #30 overall, followed by Jared Cook, SenDerrick Marks and Ryan Mouton. None really panned out as Titans, the Britt story is well documented. This wasn’t a bad draft for the Titans based upon “potential,” none of these consistently showed that as a Titan.

2010: DE Derrick Morgan at the #16 was a good pick. With no second round pick, we had 2- 3rd rounders and promptly took WR Damian Williams (not Emmanuel Sanders or TE Jimmy Graham who went a few picks later) and LB Rennie Curran(yeah I don’t remember him either). This draft also snagged us CB Alterraun Verner and WR Marc Mariani. And lest we forget, QB Rusty Smith.

Come back tomorrow as we break down 2011-present and then take a look ahead to the draft. In the mean time we want to know:
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