New Williamson County Republican Women’s Club Holds

The New Williamson County Republican Women’s Club (WCRW) held their inaugural luncheon on Thursday, June 18th at Lillie Belle’s in Franklin. Titled as “Republican Women for the New Millennium,” the attendees represented a diverse group of Republicans, breaking down racial barriers and including young Republicans, building leaders for tomorrow’s party.

Monthly meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Women of all ages are encouraged to become Members. Men are welcome to become Associate Members.

The mission of the new organization is to “openly invite, educate, and promote the Republican Party platform and our founding fathers American Dream of freedom and prosperity for people of all races, creeds, and color; making our country a better place now and for future We acknowledge the fundamental values of our Constitution and American Exceptionalism. We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that welcomes and represents diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences that make us United States citizens.”

The vision of the organization and it’s leaders is to promote education, and respectful debate on issues relevant to the country, state and union. Improving voter access and registration through membership drives and community service.

The event began with opening remarks, prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the National Anthem by Ms. Rachel Porter. After recognizing the sponsors, table sponsors and community leaders in the audience, some historical facts were shared about events that occurred on June 18th. “Knowing American history and the evolution of events leading up to today, and where our country is headed is important,” explained Mrs. Dorma Tabisz, Secretary of WCRW.

Speaking on behalf of the Tennessee Federation of Republican Women, Mrs. Linda Buckles, who is the presiding President from Kingsport, Tennessee, shared the process, paperwork and procedures followed to form the WCRW. There are fifty-two clubs across Tennessee, and Buckles shared she, “loves the growth during diverse times. The enthusiasm of the women to get it done and get this organization formed. The largest group of voters is our young people. We need to embrace the young people and encourage them to become leaders. One day with wisdom we can sit back and see young people represent the Republican party.”

Mrs. Christian Callaway introduced the WCRW Board Members to the audience:

Amberlee’ Brooks, J.D. will represent the new club as President. In sharing her background and what brought her to step up in a leadership role, Brooks encourages women “to get out and vote, educated women are the ‘life of the party,’ tap into new voters, more minority voters and getting young people out to vote. While there are many divisive areas, we all deeply care about the safety of our country.”

Brooks began her political career when she created the Trevecca University College Republican Club in her second year of college. Since the age of sixteen she has played in major golf tournaments including the US Open Qualifier, Tennessee Women’s Open and LPGA Junior Mars Challenge. Currently Brooks is a J.D. Candidate at Nashville School of Law, and is interning for Judge Deana Hood and U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn.

Other officers include: Shelly Shiflett, First Vice President; Angela Hoover, Second Vice President; Heather Robinson, Treasurer; Dorma Tabisz, Secretary and Lauren Compton, Youth.

For additional information on becoming a member, visit Williamson County Republican Women

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, July 16th and will be hosted by Dr. Ming Wang, M.D., PhD. The event will be at the home of Dr. Teresa Orok, PhD.

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