Shania Twain, Jake Owen & Travis Tritt to Host New Music Competition Show

Real Country featuring Shania Twain, Jake Owen and Travis Tritt

USA Network announced Real Country, a new country music showcase series featuring Shania Twain, Jake Owen, and Travis Tritt.

Premiering in October on USA, the eight-part Real Country is currently in production in Nashville and is produced by Wilshire Studios, with Twain, Nicolle Yaron, Stijn Bakkers, and Leslie Garvin set to executive produce.

In each hour-long episode, Twain and Owen hand-select emerging solo artists, duos, and groups to perform in showcases that spotlight the rich traditions, songs, and themes of specific country genres. The best artists from each showcase will perform in a grand finale, for the chance to be named one of country music’s next breakout acts.

Twain shared: “It’s been an incredible year for me, releasing my new album and coming back to country music. I feel it’s time for me to add my own support in finding our greatest undiscovered talent. It’s beyond thrilling to be leading the charge with Real Country, and I’m on a mission to find artists who will keep country music diverse and dynamic. The kind of diversity that inspired all of us.”

Added Owen: “Country music truly seems to be the healing factor in a lot of people’s lives. I will always be grateful for music, whether I’m performing or listening, and I want to encourage up-and-coming artists to tell their stories, find their audiences and make their mark in country music with the same guidance that artists have given to me throughout my journey.”

Tritt commented, saying “I’ve been influenced by so many amazing country music artists in my career, and the key to longevity is using those influences as inspiration to become something unique. I’ve never been shy about how I feel about country music so I can’t wait to join “Real Country” to share my experiences and thoughts. Like I always say…if you don’t want my opinion don’t ask me a question.”

While Owen and Twain have not commented about the show on social media, Tritt posted on his Facebook page Sunday that his views might not be popular, stating, “I’m very proud to be part of the new television show that will premiere in October on the USA Network called REAL COUNTRY. My opinions might be very unpopular with some, but I’m committed to bringing real country music back to the mainstream. That is my goal and I will not fail! ~ T”

Anyone interested in being invited to perform on one of Real Country‘s showcases can apply at or via email at Those looking to be in the audience can request tickets here.