Las Brisas CoolSprings

Las Brisas, an upscale authentic Mexican fare restaurant, is now open in Franklin. They held a soft opening last Friday with plans for a grand opening celebration August 1.

They are located at 9040 Carothers Parkway, in the space that used to be Basil. They will eventually have a patio.

“We are going to have very authentic Mexican food, not just Tex-Mex like you find at many places,” Gabriella Fletcher, who owns the restaurant with her husband Robert said. The Fletchers moved here from California, and have family roots in Mexico.

“Our menu features the best food from different regions of Mexico,” she said.

Their menu includes appetizers, like Mexican street corn-on-the-cob or Tostadas Tinga-Puebla style of deep-fried corn tortilla with shredded chicken in a red chipotle sauce sauteed in onion and topped with sour cream, lettuce, and queso fresco. House dishes include items like fajitas,

House dishes include items like fajitas, Escpeciales Del Mar (seafood), enchiladas, food from the grill ranging from steaks to chicken to pork, to several homemade style desserts like Churros, a fried sugar and cinnamon dish. An example of one of their unique entrees is

An example of one of their unique entrees is Molcajete Shrimp cocktail Mazatlan style- fresh red shrimp or a mix of carne asada, red shrimp, chicken, and chorizo; served in a molcajete. Flavorful homemade tomato juice, white onion, cilantro, chopped Serrano chile, avocado topped with cucumber garnish.


  1. Cool! I’m guessing it’s the same family that owns the one in Laguna Beach! How cool!!

  2. Went there last night, was not impressed! Both the pork tacos & chicken enchiladas were very dry. The beans on the side had no flavor, it was like they just opened a can & poured them in a bowl. My “frozen” margarita wasn’t frozen at all.

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