New STEAM Focused Preschool Breaks Ground in Franklin

TOBSchool Groundbreaking

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Wednesday, December 2nd to celebrate the commencement of construction of TOBschool, coming to Franklin on 4407 South Carothers Road.

The TOB in TOBschool stands for Think Outside the Box. Several people gathered to join in on the celebration. Those attending the event included Joe Walker and Linda Payne from First Horizon Bank; Michael Hindman, Harry Harris, and Dawn Gonzalez from HMH Architects; David Moody and Brad from Rawso Constructors; Cade Wood and Mark Pirtle from MTLC Building Group; Rachana Agarwal from Aviar Financials P.C.; Riya Bhushan; and owners Neeti Agarwal & Shishir Bhushan.

Here is what TOBschool’s founder, Neeti Agarwal, had to say about the upcoming project:
“Today’s groundbreaking is a major milestone for what’s to come for preschoolers in the Franklin area. TOBschool’s vision is to create a safe and nurturing atmosphere for children to grow emotionally, socially, and creatively. We believe that children thrive in a quality, immersive learning environment that values uniqueness and individuality. Our preschool is dedicated to providing high quality educational and developmental opportunities for the young children to foster their STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths) skills.” Neeti developed the idea of this preschool through her own personal experience and work in STEAM-based education.

“First Horizon is proud to support clients like TOBschool,” said Joe Walker, Williamson County president of First Horizon Bank. “Small businesses are the heart of our business, and it’s a privilege to be a part of this effort. The TOBschool will be an asset to the community and to the families it serves.”

Dawn Gonzalez, the architect of the TOBschool building said “I am more than pleased to have been given the opportunity to work alongside Neeti and Shishir on the design of the TOBschool. This is the second educational facility HMHA has had the privilege to design. The contemporary design of TOBschool creates an appealing emphasis on the entry corner to the neighborhood. The design focused on energy efficiency, daylighting and sound quality within the building; thus, creating a warm and loving environment for the children. The HMHA design team took extra care to assure the center would exceed all expectations. I am confident that the TOBschool will become an invaluable addition to the Franklin community it is set to serve.”

The preschool has an anticipated opening date of Fall 2021 and will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. At capacity, the 10,200 square-foot-building will serve 120 children ages 30 months to six years old. TOBschool’s building is designed with children in mind. Flexible open classrooms will allow staff to change their workspace and seating depending on the needs of their lessons and students. There will be a lot of room for children to express themselves. The playground will provide a diversity of opportunities. There will be age-appropriate structures for children to have fun. The play area will have a raised garden, a soccer field, and bicycle paths. TOBschool facilities include a large indoor multipurpose room for events, exhibitions, and students’ activities when the weather is unfavorable for outside playtime.

For more information about TOBschool, please visit Updates about the school’s progress will also be posted to our social media channels.

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