Soon home buyers wanting to live in Brentwood will have another option to purchase a home in a new neighborhood. A family owned property will now become a residential development for 7-8 homes on 3 acre plots called  Sneed Manor.

Sneed Manor will be built upon private property dating back to America’s earliest days, marking the first time in two centuries this historic virgin farmland has been available to the public.

Information on the website for Sneed Manor states, “Few parcels of land can lay claim to having a continuous historical presence since the birth of Tennessee. In 1798, utilizing a Revolutionary War land grant, James Sneed moved to the frontier of what is now Brentwood in Williamson County and built a two-room log house for his wife and eventually, 12 children. His original home, since expanded, still stands today on Old Smyrna Road.”  Sneed Manor

Ownership of the same property has been in the Sneed family  for over 200 years Generations of Sneeds have shaped local and national history. One of James’ grandsons, Dr. William J. Sneed, was a Confederate Army surgeon. On the battlefield following the Battle of Franklin, he met a Union Army corporal from New Hampshire. As they tended to the wounded, they realized a shared passion to see freed slaves given medical training. Their vision ultimately led to the establishment of Meharry Medical College, with Dr. Sneed serving as one of its earliest faculty members.

William Sneed Owen, president of Sneed Manor Development Co. and member of the Sneed family states, “It is one of the last remaining Revolutionary War Land Grant tracts and we are sensitive to preserving the character of the site.”

A team has been established to complete the construction of the site consisting of Rogan Allen Builders’ homes ,LifeStyle Construction,Architect Sharon Pigott and SiteWorks.

To find out more information regarding Sneed Manor, visit their website