New Public Safety Center Opens

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Williamson County Office of Public Safety held the grand opening for the new Public Safety Center (PSC) on Saturday, April 30, 2016, the sixth anniversary of the 2010 Floods. County Mayor Rogers Anderson and Sheriff Jeff Long, along with Williamson County Public Safety Director Bill Jorgensen and Emergency Management Director Mac Purdy, participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony. The County broke ground on the 53,000-square foot facility in June 2014.

Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson stated “As I stood with other elected officials, emergency response personnel and volunteers during the days of the 2010 flood and afterwards, it was apparent that Williamson County needed to take our public safety program to the next level. Doing so would require a collaboration of individuals, departments, agencies and elected officials. This new public safety building represents that vision, shared by these individuals, who have spent tireless hours to ensure that they would be better equipped to work, side-by-side, in the event of crisis in our county.”

In 2009, the Mayor assembled the Williamson County Public Safety Task Force made up of County Government Officials, partner agencies and private industry to evaluate the needs and opportunities for the future of Williamson Public Safety. This Task Force met for over a year and assembled a working document that addressed all areas of Public Safety. One of those recommendations was to construct a mission driven facility. As this project moved forward a team toured different facilities around the Southeast for ideas and inspiration. The facility fulfills six critical needs or gaps outlined in the Public Safety Task Force report:

  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • Emergency Communications Center (ECC) “911 – Dispatch”
  • Training space
  • Disaster Recovery (Information Technology Continuity and backup)
  • Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government
  • Administrative space for Office of Public Safety

“Each aspect of this building was carefully considered and discussed,” Jorgensen said at the ceremony. “We wanted to ensure that this facility was a multi-use space while meeting our main mission. The building is designed to incorporate growth. The floor plan can be changed, new positions can be added in dispatch, and each room serves several functions.”

The PSC is located at 304 Beasley Drive, Franklin. For more information about Williamson County, visit