New Preschool to Open in Former Henpeck Market Location

Ivybrook Academy

Howard and Dawn Varnedoe will open a new preschool called Ivybrook Academy in Franklin in August 2019.

Located at 1268 Lewisburg Pike in the former Henpeck Market location, the Varnedoe’s are Brentwood residents who wanted to offer a half-day preschool program.

“When we were introduced to Ivybrook, we were deeply impressed by their program. Visiting their school in Charlotte (where the company was founded) further confirmed that this unique approach to pre-school education would serve the parents in Franklin,” said Howard Varnedoe.

In choosing a half-day model, Varnedoe explained their program is likened to that of a Montessori school.

“We specialize in a half day pre-school model that caters to staff and home or work at home parents.  This type of model does not compete with full day, daycares. Although these parents decide to raise their children at home they still want to expose them to education and social development in order to prepare them for grades K-12.  This is where Ivybrook Academy comes into play. Our school is not a daycare that babysits children. We are an educational facility that can be compared to other Montessori schools just like a junior elementary school. By having this type of model we will be able to meet the diverse needs of these young children, thereby, enhancing their academic performance and success by still giving their parents the balance of raising them at home for part of the day.”

Ivybrook Academy curriculum provides a hybrid curriculum that combines progressive approaches to early childhood education which draws from the customized learning approach of Montessori, the experiences in Reggio Emilia, and Multiple Intelligence research.

The preschool will have an enrollment of 230 students. Those interested can visit the Ivybrook Academy website or call 615-933-6888.

An open house for the new facility will be held at a later date. Follow Ivybrook Academy Franklin on Facebook for the latest updates.


  1. That’s what we need on the corner a preschool with more traffic on Lewisburg Pike! We have an Elementary school across the Dallas Downs Subdivision. Now one at Henpeck Lane and less then 1/4 mile down another school on Lewisburg Pike on the left. Enough is enough already.

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