New Nolensville Gym will Offer CrossFit and Krav Maga


Nolensville residents will have a new place to workout in 2019. Bad Wolf CrossFit, which will be located at 2011 Johnson Industrial Blvd, will open in the next few months.

Bad Wolf CrossFit will be located in the back of the current Summit Gymnastics location and their goal is to open in late December/early January, said Bad Wolf CrossFit co-owner Ryan Gaffney.

In addition to CrossFit, they will also offer a “Fast Fit” program and Krav Maga.

“At Bad Wolf CrossFit we have a mission that goes beyond CrossFit itself. Our goal is to create a much healthier community. We are going to do that by offering different avenues of fitness that you don’t find in a lot of standard gyms. First, we have a program called, “Fast Fit.” This is an extraordinary program that is for someone who wants to reach their fittest self, without learning the complicated barbell movements that often accompany CrossFit. We instead focus on dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, ropes, and bodyweight movements. This way you create a calorie inferno for an hour that brings out your fittest self.”

Another option is Krav Maga, a popular self-defense technique class.

“Our second program is Krav Maga. This is an Israeli based self-defense technique that is the best in the world. Many police and paramilitary agencies are being taught these exact techniques because of how effective they are. Each class is high intensity and easy to learn. In the very first day, you will learn techniques that you can bring with you for the rest of your life!”

“Finally, of course, is CrossFit. We are passionate about CrossFit and the benefits that can take place from a beginner to a competitive athlete. We have something for the CrossFitter at every level. I, personally, have been CrossFitting for 10 years, along with personal training, cycling and teaching high-intensity classes. My passion is definitely using new age techniques to build that fitness engine. My Co-Owner, Kyle Windle, is an excellent strength coach with an Olympic lifting background.”

As a co-owner and Nolensville Firefighter, Gaffney plans to offer discounts to first responders.

“I am also a Nolensville firefighter and want to especially help first responders and servicemen in any way that I can. We will do that by creating a large discount for those that protect and serve. At Bad Wolf CrossFit, we are not only creating a community, but we are creating a movement! Our goal is to help Nolensville become a healthier and safer community.”

As the community waits for the gym to open, we asked for Gaffney’s best tips on how to navigate the holiday without losing sight of your fitness goals. Read his tips below.

Keeping Holiday Goals

It’s no secret that the holidays are the most challenging time of the year to keep in shape or even worse, improve your shape. The cold and dreary months combined with the access to so many holidays treats definitely present a tough challenge.

There are tricks and even secrets to winning the battle of the bulge this holiday season.

Tip #1: Finding the time to exercise in any situation.

Finding that extra time to workout with extra hours and extra time shopping can be tough. A great way to get exercise in is by setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier and doing an at home bodyweight workout. A timed workout using an as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) method, is a great way to do a workout on a time crunch. The following is an example of an easy and effective way to get your workout in:

20 Minute AMRAP
5 Pushups (option: knee pushups)
10 Air Squats (option: squat above any knee pain)
15 Situps (option: crunches)

Still pressed for time, or not a morning person? Then simply change your fitness to volume goals. Make a goal of 50, 100, 200 pushups! Throughout the day we will have a random minute or two free. Drop down do as many as you can and keep a tally. Keep chopping it up throughout the day until you reach your goal!

Tip #2: Managing Food Consumption

No matter what diet you are on, the base of weight loss comes down to calories in v. calories out. If you know that there is a special holiday dinner or snacks coming up, then a great way to decrease that calorie consumption is to intermittent fast. Delay your first meal until the early afternoon, which will automatically decrease the calories consumed. This method, along with consuming an appetite suppressant of morning caffeine, helps makes room for those special holiday treats!

Tip #3: Do Now Instead of Tomorrow

Attack your goals today, instead of waiting until the New Years! Even if it is a struggle, it will put you in the right mindset of damage controlling your health and fitness goals!