Harvest Martial Arts

Justin Martin, a well known Taekwondo instructor in Franklin, opened Harvest Martial Arts on Monday, August 15th, the first and only Han Mu Do academy in Tennessee. Martin is a 2nd Degree Black Belt and Certified Instructor of Han Mu Do under Dr. He-Young Kimm, and a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Han Mu Do is a traditional Korean Martial Art that is based on a study of empty hand techniques, traditional Korean weapons, Ki breathing and mindfulness, and Han philosophy. More than just a self defense focus, Mr. Martin will teach his students the three tenants of Han Mu Do: optimism, balance and harmony, skills they can use in living everyday life.

Han Mu Do was developed in 1989 by Martin’s master teacher, Dr. He-Young Kimm. Dr. Kimm, a true scholar, has over 50 years of teaching, studies, and research in traditional and modern Korean martial arts. During 40 years of study and training with the founder of Hapkido, Grandmaster Ji Han Jae, Grandmaster Suh In Hyuk, and the founder of Kuk Sul, Grandmaster Suh In Hyuk, Dr. Kimm achieved his 9th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido, the rank of 9th Dan Black Belt in Korean Judo, and received 8th Dan in Kuk Sul. With the advice of the founders of Hapkido and Ku Sul, Dr. Kimm founded the Han Mu Do System.

Harvest Martial Arts will offer traditional Han Mu Do, striking and fitness classes, and private training sessions for children, teens, and adults, plus mind/body fitness classes for seniors.

“The beauty of Han Mu Do is anyone, regardless of age or current level of fitness, can achieve optimum fitness, strength, and health, training at one’s own pace and ability,” said Martin.

Harvest Martial Arts is now available for interested individuals to visit the school, meet Martin, and register for classes. The Grand Opening will be in September, when Han Mu Do demonstrations and refreshments will be provided. Classes will be held Monday – Thursday, and Saturday. The full schedule of classes is available on the website. The school is located at 595 Hillsboro Road, Suite 337, in the Independence Square Shopping Center.

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