New Locally Owned Coffee Shop Coming to Spring Hill

The Fainting Goat

A historic home on Main Street in Spring Hill will be brewing coffee for local residents come September.

Owned by Alex and Susana Allen, the couple is in the midst of construction on The Fainting Goat Coffee Shop, located at 5321 Main Street, Spring Hill.

The historic home was rezoned back in 2012 from residential to commercial and is located next to Fireflies Boutique. In keeping it local, the couple plans to offer spaces for gatherings large and small.

The Fainting Goat
Reclaimed Wood for The Fainting Goat

“Coffeehouses are not just a place to get a great cup of coffee or espresso. They are a place to gather, to learn, to build relationships and community. We want The Fainting Goat to be that place you think of first when you want to meet your bestie or a client to work out that latest deal. To do that we are taking great care of the details of the environment complete with separate rooms for working, chatting, and larger groups. We also want a piece of Spring Hill and here is a picture of the local reclaimed wood that we are constructing all of our tables out of. It’s going to be a thing of beauty!” they posted on their Facebook page.

We were able to talk with Alex and Susana to ask them a few questions about the new coffee shop.

What made you want to open your coffee shop?
Growing up, we spent many, many weekends at family gatherings always ending a delicious meal with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and fun, memorable, interesting conversations that often overlapped into dinner time. We think coffee brings people together in many ways and many memories can be created with a cup in your hand.

Even though we recently moved to north Columbia, we lived in Spring Hill for over 8 years. We are a homeschool family of 4 (son is 15, daughter is 12), and in these short 8 years we have seen this city explode and become what it is today.

Realizing that Spring Hill hasn’t had a locally owned coffee shop in a long time, we decided to apply all our food service experience and bring this dream to life.

What was the inspiration for the name of your coffee shop?
Originally we thought about something elusive to Main Street and somewhat poking fun at the traffic issues we all go through while traveling on 31 every single day, but after a conversation with a friend (over coffee) and brainstorming about the name, he mentioned the “Fainting Goat.” We googled it and found out that not only are they native to Tennessee, but that after watching several videos we could not stop laughing! So we decided that this is the perfect name for the shop. We love TN and there are a certain fun and quirkiness to the name that describes us as a family as well.

How will your coffee shop be different than other places?
It is all about Spring Hill and its community, we might not have an extensive menu as some of the large chains have, but what we will have is a commitment to provide a great cup of coffee and a fresh locally baked pastry in a unique environment.

It’s a quirky little house with multiple rooms and ample parking out back. There is a place where you can have private meetings, small social events or classes. A room where you can just sit down and lounge, alone or in good company. There are also those classic little-town coffee-shop areas, where you can come catch up on work or finish that book. More than anything, what will make this coffee shop different from the others will be what Spring Hill makes out of it. Our love for Spring Hill and the community is what is going to differentiate it from others.

If you were a customer, what drink would you order at your coffee shop?
We are very simple and uncomplicated when it comes to coffee, we would go for a simple latte or cappuccino (for my husband and son), I would go for an almond milk latte but our youngest daughter would definitely go for a hot chocolate!

Taking just a few words, how would you describe your coffee shop?
It is a cute little house right off the main road, with pride in our excellent coffee, and working hard to earn the loyalty of our amazing community.

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