Barrels and Brews

Barrels and Brews, a new liquor store in Nolensville, has opened at 200 Burkitt Commons.

The new store will hold a grand opening on Saturday, July 6.

Owners Justin and James shared on their website the concept of the store, “We provide alcoholic beverage and recommendation services for brand evaluation and alcohol education.”

It continued, “This includes personally selecting barrels of distilled spirits and/or wine directly from the distillery and/or vineyard. These personally selected barrels are designated with a cobranding sticker to show that the barrel was personally selected by b&b. These barrels are sold at our retail establishment, through bourbon clubs, or at charitable events.”

Tastings are offered on products typically on the weekends from bourbon to tequila. Hours of operation for the store are Monday – Thursday, 9 a – 9 p, Friday – Saturday 9 a – 10 p.

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