New Spring Hill Donut Shop Thriving, Selling Out Daily

The newest donut shop in Spring Hill, which opened on Saturday, might be too good.

The nationwide franchise donut shop Daylight Donuts had its soft opening on Saturday, and the line was out the door.

“We were so happy at the support of the community, and have been running out of donuts every day,” said Miriam Sohn, who runs the shop with help from her husband Daniel and their kids.

They ran out of donuts before noon on Saturday, so if you want to try them get there early.

A few years ago, you could find Daylight Donuts in Franklin on Hwy 96 across from Goodwill, but that location has closed. This is the franchise’s first location in Spring Hill.

At Daylight Donuts, you’ll find the traditional glazed-style and cake donuts, with all the usual varieties, and specialty donuts, from bearclaw to custard and cream-filled.

Kolaches, a sausage wrapped in dough, are also on the menu.

The donuts have a distinctively light texture and flavor. In addition to donuts, they serve local Muletown coffee, and will soon be adding an original exclusive menu item, Jonnie’s Custard, named after Sohn’s youngest.

The young couple, who moved here from Chicago two years ago, is happy to have created a place that brings the community together.

Miriam runs the store, sometimes with help from their young ones, and comes in early in the morning to do the baking.

“First, of course, I love donuts, but also we really wanted to create a fun, family-friendly and welcoming place where anyone can come,” she said. “It is just somewhere people can sit, rest with friends and family and eat a donut and drink coffee.”

Hours are not set in stone right now, but they open at 6 a.m. daily.

The Spring Hill shop is located at 4926 Port Royal Road.

Right now, they are actively looking for employees. If you or someone you know is interested, e-mail [email protected]