New Cotillion Director Named for Williamson County

Suzette Wimpy
photo from Suzette Wimpy

The National League of Junior Cotillions has announced the appointment of Suzette Wimpy as the new NLJC Director for Nashville and Williamson County Chapters in Tennessee.

The National League of Junior Cotillions program, which features character education, etiquette, and social dance training for fifth-through eighth-grade students, includes five classes and two Balls over an eight-month period.

The purpose of the National League of Junior Cotillions program is to give students instruction in ballroom dance and practice in the social courtesies needed for better relationships with their family and friends. Students actively learn life skills through a creative method employing role-playing, skits, and games.

The social behavior component ranges from rules of conversation to formal and informal table manners. In addition to the usual courtesies connected with dancing, etiquette instruction is also provided with regards to the following: acknowledgment of gifts, behavior at cultural and civic events, correspondence, interaction in groups,

The National League of Junior Cotillions’ setting will encourage children to be comfortable together, to make new friends, and to enjoy themselves. Communication skills learned by young ladies and gentlemen in a peer group setting provide graduating students with increased confidence and poise in social situations.

Suzette Wimpy lives in Franklin, TN, and has resided in the area for the last 20 years. She is married to Kevin Wimpy. She has earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Management with a minor in speech communications. Suzette is extremely active in her community and has served in several capacities. She has previously been a Girl Scout Troup Leader in the area and has also operated as a Board Member for Made in the Streets Ministry based in Nairobi, Kenya serving as Chair of the Fundraising Committee. Additionally, Suzette currently volunteers as a nursery worker at Otter Creek Church and she serves as a volunteer with Graceworks Ministries.

Moreover, she is currently the co-owner of Kevin Wimpy Portraits and has upheld the title of photographic portrait artist for the past 20 years. Kevin and Suzette became involved with Junior Cotillion in 2010 when the couple was asked to take over formal portraiture at the Nashville and Williamson County Chapters’ Grand Spring Balls. Both of their daughters, Presley and Hannah, have completed the two year Junior Cotillion Program and they look forward to working with their parents to teach manners, etiquette and social dance.

When asked about her decision to become a director and aspirations for her chapter, Suzette revealed that, “Through being involved with Junior Cotillion, we were able to see children transform from being nervous to confident. We enrolled our own daughters in the program and witnessed how it impacted them, their peers, and their involvement within the community. These chapters have developed an outstanding reputation over the past 26 years with over 14,000 children in the area being taught manners, etiquette, and social graces. Exponentially, the skills these children have garnered have made positive impacts on the community. Our vision is to continue that growth and development of young adults for generations to come. ”

The National League of Junior Cotillions is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the program was established in 1979. There are now over 400 chapters in 27 states across the country, involving thousands of students. President Charles Anthony Winters said, “We are delighted to see this training continue in Nashville, Tennessee. It has had a great impact on the self-esteem and social development of young people across the country.”

If you would like to know more about the program, please call Suzette Wimpy at (615)- 604-1185, National Headquarters at 1-800-633-7947, or visit our award-winning website at

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