The Post Chirpractic

The Post Chiropractic is solving a problem for those who are short on time but still seek out care.

Dr. Ryan Humphrey heard his patients say many times, they have difficulty making it to an appointment because they weren’t enough hours in the day, and with traffic, a lunch hour is not enough time for a visit.

Seeing a need in the market, Humphrey designed The Post Chiropractic mobile office. Think food truck but instead of food, it offers chiropractic services in a customized van that comes to your home, office, gym, or anywhere that’s convenient.

Here’s how it works. Book an appointment online here. The van will travel within a 40-mile radius of Franklin, you will receive your adjustment and continue your day without the hassle of leaving home or work.

The Post Chiropractic is owned and operated by Franklin resident Dr. Ryan Humphrey who, as a high school and college athlete, suffered with injuries that caused him to use a daily anti-inflammatory presription. Not wanting to continue that path, he sought out alternatives and found chiropractic care relieved his pain. Today, he has treated NFL Pro Bowlers, PGA Champions, everyday athletes and even infants.



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