New Buyer for A-Game Sportsplex


It appears that Williamson County youth sports will return to Gothic Court, where a vacant A-Game Sportsplex sits.

Brookside Properties, which owns a significant amount of property in Cool Springs, is close to completing a deal to purchase A-Game Sportsplex at 215 Gothic Court- and reopen it as a sports facility.

Sports Land Group LLC could not be reached for comment.

“It is not done yet,” said Michael Crabtree, of Brookside Properties, which owns property surrounding the A-Game property on 215 Gothic Court in Cool Springs. “There is a lawsuit between the parties, so we are not at liberty to discuss any of it.”

When an earlier deal, with AL Neyer to buy the building and convert it into office space, fell apart in April so did a tentative agreement by the building’s tenants, Alliance Volleyball and MDG Management, to drop a lawsuit against the building’s owners, Sports Land Group, LLC.

The agreement compensated the tenants for agreeing to vacate with money from the purchase, but the tenants’ leases extended for several years when the AL Neyer deal originated last summer.

Effectively, any deal between Brookside and SLG likely needs to satisfy Alliance and MDG, so they settle or set aside their suit.

“I have definitely heard that it will be a sportsplex again,” Brad Guzda, of MDG, said. “But I was also told at one point that it would never be a sportsplex again and I thought it was a done deal then. This is new, uncharted territory.”

However, the deal apparently makes all parties involved happy. SLG earns the communities praise for being willing to entertain buyers with sports-based plans. Brookside keeps local youth sports- and the tourist money tournaments bring- well, local. And Alliance and MDG, after wandering for months with an uncertain future facility to compete in, can come back home.

“Because we are still exploring our legal options, I cannot directly comment, but what I can say is that Alliance has proactively managed this situation from the start,” Jeff Wismer, director of Alliance Volleyball, said. “I think we have done a great job having plans to circumvent any hiccups along the way and we are very excited on our plans moving forward, and about growing the sport in Williamson County, and our goals moving forward are no different than they have always been: assuring that we have facilities for our families that our suitable for our clients to work out of and this year will be no different.”

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