New Burger Joint to Open in Former Nolen’s Place Spot

Brothers Burger Joint

Although the doors to Nolen’s Place in Nolensville closed at the end of last year, a new burger restaurant will soon open in its place.

After four years of serving the Nolensville community, Nolen’s Place closed in November 2018, but the space won’t be empty for long. Jeremiah and Cole James are expanding their Nashville burger concept – Brothers Burger Joint – and opening it in the former Nolen’s Place spot at at 7240 Nolensville Road.

BROTHER'S BURGER JOINTJeremiah and Cole (brothers) began Brothers Burger as a food truck in 2015. They quickly acquired a loyal following and opened a brick and mortar location in 2017 in the Berry Hill community of Nashville, at 2821 Bransford Avenue.

Now, Jeremiah and Cole, along with their dad Richard and two other partners, will own the new Nolensville restaurant.

The James family has been a part of the community for many years, which played a big part in why they wanted to open their second restaurant in Nolensville, Jeremiah said.

At Brothers Burger, you’ll find burgers, hand cut fries, shrimp, catfish, chicken and some New Orleans dishes on the menu. As much as possible, the menu features locally sourced items.

“All of our beef comes from a farm in Clarksville called Head Family Farm. We make our own sauces in-house, and use fresh produce,” said Jeremiah.

Brothers Burger Joint expects to open next week, but they don’t have an exact day. You can follow Brothers Burger Joint, the Nashville location, on Facebook. Soon, a Nolensville Facebook page will be available with updates.


  1. Can I give any future restauranteur some advice, please? I love a good burger but there’s a BURGER JOINT on every corner in Nashville. I moved here, along with half of Chicago, in 2012 and we are dying for someone, anyone to open a CHICAGO STYLE BEEF restaurant (see Portilio’s). open one of these franchises in Nashville and you not only won’t have to compete with the other 500 burger joints or Hot Chicken Joints but you will be so busy, you’ll be PRINTING MONEY! Somebody Please Open a Portilo’s in Nashville!!!!!!!

  2. I tell you what why don’t you and the rest of your Chicago people move back. That’s the problem with our homes our land every body is moving here and our towns have been Ruion. So if you’re going to start to complain go back to your State.

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