New Brentwood Market Owners to Open in August

Serve it Up Nashville
credit -FB

Brentwood Market and Deli recently closed at 925 Franklin Road, Brentwood. The new tenant – Serve it Up Nashville – plans to occupy the space in July with a tentative open date of early August. Serve it Up Nashville, providing home-cooked meals to go for the whole family, is owned by husband and wife team Hailey and Jeremy Hiett. They will retain the Brentwood Market and Deli name.

“We grew up locally in the Nashville/ Brentwood area and have run a ‘delivery style’ food business for the last several years. We are thrilled to expand to a “grab and go” style location that will bring added convenience and community to many of our clients,” said Hailey.

In sharing what they will offer in the new space, they said, “We will remain a convenience store with breakfast, lunch and local products. We are bringing fresh food, sandwiches, family-style southern casseroles made from scratch and friendly faces to the convenient store.”

More details to come on hours and grand opening events.


  1. The former owners Michael & Jennifer Carroll were 2 of the best market & deli people around! They knew you by name, food choice and even personal things with many of their locals. Sorry but I seriously doubt the new owners can offer anything better than what Mike & Jennifer offered – even their fantastic personalities & smiles! They will be missed!
    Why are the new owners wanting to keep the same name?? maybe they’ll need to to stay on their coat tales. There was only 1 Brentwood Marjet & Deli. And yup….. they’re gone now! Bummer

    • I find this to be a bit short-sighted and steeped in nostalgia. Having had Serve It Up cater events previously, I can speak to the excellent quality of their food and exceptional service. If the owners bring that same experience to the market/deli, I’m sure the local community will be quite pleased. Hopefully all will give it a try instead of pouting about change that was inevitable.

    • We love Hailey and Jeremy and think you’ll be pleased both with their food and with their service and personality! They are two of the best people you will ever meet!

  2. Not only is Hailey a fabulous cook but also a wonderful person! They may have big shoes to fill but if anyone can do it, it’s Hailey and Jeremy. We are thrilled they have taken over the Brentwood market and are so glad to have the convenience of picking up home cooked meals.

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