credit-Vinnie Louise FB

Locally owned women’s boutique Vinnie Louise will open in downtown Franklin, at 400 Main Street (just behind Emmaline). A grand opening date is set for Saturday, June 29 at 10 a.

A representative from the store said, “We are so excited to be coming to Franklin”

And those who shop the store on opening weekend will be entered to win a $250 gift card. Currently, Vinnie Louise has three other locations in the area – 12th South, East Nashville, and Murfreesboro.

Hours for the store have not been set yet but other locations are open Monday – Saturday 10 a – 6 p, Sunday noon – 4 p. Follow Vinnie Louise on Facebook for the latest updates.

About Vinnie Louise 

Nashville based, woman’s clothing boutique committed to finding one-of-a-kind, affordable items that bring out the best in every woman. For us, Vinnie Louise is more than just a clothing store. Vinnie is a lifestyle.

Vinnie Louise founder, Ginny Reed, always loved the idea of being an entrepreneur. After putting graduate school on pause, packing her things and moving to Nashville, Ginny had the idea to start a woman’s clothing store. Without any background in fashion, she set out to find a way to empower and support other women through one of her favorite things – affordable fashion.

Ginny decided to name the store after her late grandmother, Vinnie Louise. Although Vinnie’s family was far from wealthy, she was extremely kind and generous towards everyone around her. And, despite having very little, Vinnie always put her best foot forward when it came to her style. The concept for Vinnie Louise is a nod to her legacy. Our mission? To bring stylishly selected clothes at affordably edited prices to Vinnie girls everywhere.