Williamson County Emergency Communications
Williamson County Emergency Communications

Automated Residential and Business Alarms in Williamson County are now sent straight to the Emergency Communications Center through new software called ASAP-to-PSAP (Automated Secure Alarm Protocol to Public Safety Answering Point technology.)

Williamson County Department of Emergency Communications (WCDoEC) will be the second County in Tennessee to introduce this system. The City of Brentwood and Hamilton County implemented the system into their Emergency Communications Centers in 2018.

In the past, alarm system notifications were sent to the alarm company first and then transferred to the correct Emergency Communications Center, which resulted in longer response times. With the new ASAP-to-PSAP technology, residential and business alarm system alerts now go straight to the Communications Center’s computer system. A communications link remains in place throughout the call, allowing both the private monitoring center and Communications Center to continue to share information without additional phone calls. This new technology cuts down response times and simplifies the dispatching process at no extra cost to the County.

After implementing ASAP-to-PSAP in late February, the district is saving approximately 4 minutes per alarm call, which equated to six hours of saved Telecommunicator work time through late-March. Approximately 16% of total alarm call volume are being processed using ASAP to PSAP; they are averaging 30 seconds saved on dispatch times.

Williamson County Emergency Communications Director, Stephen Martini stated, “The old alarm system process would normally require multiple coordinated phone calls with the company and the dispatcher. The new system reduces the call volume, while increasing dispatching speed. In turn, this will allow us to help save lives and properties in a situation where every second matters.”

There are 13 partner alarm companies that have adopted the system.

The Williamson County Department of Emergency Communications Department receives approximately 150 calls per day. A staff of 58 supports 16 law enforcement, fire and EMS departments throughout the County. For more information about the Williamson County Emergency Communications Department, visit www.williamsonready.org.