Back for a third year, Netflix is giving parents the option to countdown the new year early. Beginning on Wednesday, December 28th, parents can select from a variety of options from movie and TV characters to bring in 2017.

Word Party, Puffin Rock, Luna Petunia, Beat Bugs, All Hail King Julien, Skylanders Academy, Trollhunters, Project Mc2, Fuller House, and Chasing Cameron all have their unique way to commence the new year.

According to USA Today, the peak time for parents to implement the strategy was 8 pm. The only issue might be is if your kids can tell time. So, you may have to change your clocks just to keep up the story.

“Netflix is all about giving members the freedom to decide when and how to watch, and the New Year’s Eve Countdowns do just that,” said Andy Yeatman, Director of Kids Content for Netflix. “They put families in charge of the holiday, whether that means celebrating at 9 and then lights out, or ringing in the New Year over and over again. I have three young daughters, so for us, that means celebrating three times with three different countdowns they each get to choose.”

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