Nashville International Airport

If you are headed out to Nashville International Airport Tuesday, you can expect delays. BNA posted on Twitter the following message.

“We are experiencing a partial internet outage, likely caused by construction, affecting various airlines. Repairs are underway. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.”

The message doesn’t address a timeline of when the issue will be corrected or what airlines are affected.  A second tweet was released shortly after the first stating, “Crews are onsite working. We don’t have an estimated time of competition.”

A local Williamson County resident who is currently at the airport with a flight scheduled on Southwest to depart at 2 p which is still grounded as of 3:40 shared with us how the outage is delaying travel.

-Main ticket counter is having to manually check each bag due which took approximately 45 minutes.

-Manual boarding passes were being issued due to the outage.

-As passengers were boarding the plane, they were manually checked off a list

-Manual safety checks were completed for the airplane due to no computers were online to complete the check.

-Cell service is spotty and the gates are overcrowded and passengers are becoming frustrated with the delays.

Keep checking back here for more updates as we receive them.  Be sure to check the Fly Nashville Twitter account as well.

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