Nashville Has a New Mayor, What Does It Mean for Williamson County?

Megan Barry
While Nashville residents were casting their votes for Mayor on September 10, members of the Williamson, Inc. chamber were asking the question: Who will be speaking to us at our meeting on Tuesday, September 15? The talk will be one of the first public speeches the new Mayor will make.

The decision has been made and Megan Barry will be the next Mayor of Nashville.

Why does it matter to Williamson County who was elected as Nashville’s Mayor? According to the latest Williamson County Trends Report, 37% of the counties residents commute northbound to work in Davidson County.

And while several large companies call Nashville home, their leadership and workers call Williamson County home. The reputation of Williamson County Schools has been a major draw for families.

Matt Largen who serves as President of Williamson, Inc. shared his thoughts on why the relationship is vital between the two counties:

  • It is very important that we have a strong working relationship with the leadership from Nashville because companies do not see political or geographic boundaries when they locate or expand a business, but they do see risk when neighbors do not work well together.
  • When a company locates in Williamson County, oftentimes their younger employees are drawn to areas like the Gulch and downtown to live. When a company locates in Nashville, oftentimes employees with families are drawn to Williamson County for the schools.  Both counties have a vested interest in keeping those employees happy, which in turns causes the company to look favorably upon the entire Nashville region when they decide where to expand their operations.
  • Ease of working with government officials is often cited as a reason why companies locate or expand in a certain area. When they see our 2 counties work together to provide solutions for their company and their employees, it gives them confidence in the entire Nashville region and reduces their level of risk.
  • Finally, our brand is Nashville, and one of the biggest strategic advantages Williamson County has is our proximity to a vibrant, dynamic, growing city that helps keep the entire region healthy.

Largen added, “I have a great personal relationship with the economic development director who works for Davidson County, Matt Wiltshire, and I hope that continues with the next administration.”

Registration is open for the Williamson, Inc. monthly meeting where Mayor Barry will address members and guests of the chamber. The meeting is being held at The Factory at Franklin. Doors open at 11:00 for registration; lunch and talk begin at 11:30 a.m. and ends at 1:00

For more information, or to register to attend, visit Williamson, Inc.

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