Nashville Fashion Week just came to a close on Saturday, April 11th with a Fashion Gala at the  Rosewall. And while all agree that Nashville Fashion Week is a great time to recognize local talent with shows across the city, it can also be a time to get the momentum going for those who are interested in the industry whether your are a designer, retailer, or public relations. As I spoke with designers throughout the week, there was one reoccurring message- Nashville Fashion is on the Rise.

Fern Mallis, creator of New York Fashion Week, says “Nashville is on the upswing with its own TV show and all of the national media attention and so is the fashion.” She goes on the to say that “Nashville will never replace New York as number one in fashion or even Los Angeles as number two but there is certainly room for Nashville to be number three.”

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“Every city has its own personality when it comes to fashion, Nashville shouldn’t ignore the fact that music plays a big part in this city. Use that to your advantage and build your personality around that.”

Megan Huntz from Atlanta says, “Nashville has more of a fashion  scene than Atlanta. I love coming to be a part of Nash Fash Week and can’t wait to come back again.”

Micheal Magnone from Circle of Gentlemen says, “Nashville is a very fashionable city not what you expect at all.  I haven’t seen a cowboy hat at any of the events but in Dallas that would be a totally different story.”

Lagi Nadeau who also showed her collection last year at Nashville Fashion Week says, “I am so excited to be back in Nashville. It has such charm, the people are amazing and I’m planning a trip soon just to come back and enjoy the city.”

As Nashville Fashion grows, it also experiences some growing pains in how to execute a Fashion Community that can stay connected throughout the year instead of just one week out of the year.  Also, those designers who would like to manufacture their clothing in Nashville can also face challenges.

However, in a latest NBJ report, it seems like there may be a solution to that problem soon. Omega, which runs a uniform plant in Smithville, is now looking to open a short run production plant in Nashville. The next hurdle will be to find skilled sewing workers.

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