Recently, Nando’s Burrito & Taco Shop opened in Fairview at 7008 City Center Way.

The new taco shop is family owned. We spoke to Nando Cano about what you can expect at Nando’s.

“The day at Nando’s starts with truly fresh ingredients. We offer Mexican food with true Mexican flavor. We serve burritos, nachos, tacos, quesadillas, and taco salads. The hardest part is left to our customers, they are faced with the tough decision of picking which ingredients they want on their next meal.”

He continued by saying he is working on Made to Order Menu that will soon be released.

As a Fairview resident, Nando shared why he wanted to open a location in Fairview.

“I moved to Fairview from Mexico City in 2006, shortly after I started second grade at Westwood Elementary and graduated from Fairview High in 2017. After opening Laredo’s in Dickson, I enrolled at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. ”

He continued, “Ever since my family moved to Fairview, I’ve always wanted to open my own restaurant in my hometown. And during spring break, I saw the perfect opportunity to buy Oscar’s with the help of my family. I knew that we could bring something fresh and successful to Fairview. Myself, family, and friends have the experience from Mexico to bring authentic Mexican flavor to Fairview.”

With the new restaurant only open for about a week, Nando shared how he appreciates the support from the community.

“Our first week has been a success! We have been overwhelmed with support from the community and I can’t thank this town enough for all the support.”

Nando’s Burrito and Tacos shop is affiliated with Laredo’s Burrito and Taco shop and Las Plazas Mexican Restaurant in Dickson along with Ricardo’s in Gallatin.

Hours of operation are seven days a week, 11 a – 10 p. Follow them on Facebook for the latest update.