My Favorite Thing About Niki G’s

niki g fitnessNiki G’s members know that by belonging to Niki G’s Fitness, they are not only are being provided with the four keys to a successful fitness plan, which are: Community, Accountability, Personalization and Variety, but so much more. We asked some of Niki G’s members what their favorite thing is about belonging to Niki G’s Fitness. Click the video above to see their inspiring answers.

Niki G’s members have many reasons why they choose to attend Niki G’s Boot Camp. From the indoor and outdoor environment options, to the convenient class times, to the many friendships they’ve made throughout this community of women, the reasons they choose Niki G’s are numerous.

Below are other important facts to know about Niki G’s Fitness. Maybe one of these will become your favorite thing about belonging to Niki G’s:

  • Every work out is designed with a purpose at Niki G’s. A focus on each muscle group is planned on a rotating schedule so that you can attend class two days in a row if you choose.
  • Niki G’s Boot Camp is multi-dimensional and includes cardio drills, resistance training, stretching and plyometrics. It’s a full-body work out — and it’s fun.
  • Niki G’s is tailored to females. It’s specialized fitness for women, by women.
  • Some classes are held in-studio or at gyms, while others are held outdoor –adding further variety to your work out.
  • Niki G’s is personalized, offering alternative ways of performing a drill to ensure you never get bored or hit a plateau.
  • To help keep the work outs interesting, different theme weeks are incorporated as well.

Niki Gauthier is a Certified Personal Trainer with more than 19 years of experience. Niki G’s Fitness emphasizes small group personal training with communication and interaction outside of class to help keep you committed and accountable.

Experienced exercisers can be pushed further and get more out of their work out because Niki G’s offers extra challenges. In fact, many of the advanced exercisers began as beginners, so it’s a non-judgmental, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Niki G’s Fitness is unique because it offers so much more beyond exercise. It includes regular challenges, ongoing nutritional education, personal coaching and accountability from Niki G’s team of trainers, exclusive newsletters, a private Facebook group and more.

As a bonus, belonging to Niki G’s Fitness will allow you to participate in the Team Niki G Running Group, Niki’s Angels Charity Group, attend Member Socials and more.

Niki G’s has six locations, with two right here in Williamson County. Click here to sign up for a FREE introductory class. If you love it, continue for as little as $176 per month. Otherwise, there’s no obligation.

Click here to find a class at Niki G’s Fitness in Franklin, Brentwood, Lenox Village, Southeast Nashville, Belle Meade and Mt. Juliet.

Voted Best Specialty Fitness Outlet in Williamson County.

Niki G’s is celebrating its Sixth Anniversary! Click here for story and photos.

Check with us next week when we talk about the 5 Signs Your Fitness Results Have Hit A Plateau.

Niki G’s classes are held at Franklin Athletic Club. (FAC membership not required.)

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