Must Have Cold Weather Athletic Gear for Runners

Dressing properly for your run in any kind of weather can make a huge difference.  In cold weather, your run can go from comfortable to unbearable in an instant if you choose the wrong gear.

And who wants to run every mile clenching their teeth? Most runners will agree in moderately cooler weather, a jacket is required. However, since your legs are moving, most runners are perfectly fine wearing shorts when temps are moderate.

Once the temperature dips below freezing, you need to check into wearing gloves and a beanie. Layering is key to keeping warm. Start with a base layer under your jacket. Rainy weather got you staying indoors? Great weather resistant clothing won’t keep you indoors when it sprinkles. You’ll stay dry and enjoy your run.

Fleet Feet in Brentwood has a great selection of athletic gear to make your next run comfortable whether it is hot, cold or rainy. Check out these selections we found for socks, sleeves, jackets and more.

And if you are new to running and want to know where to start, Fleet Feet is offering a Good Form Running Class. It’s the perfect opportunity for those who have been running on a regular basis and for those who want to get started. In this class you will learn more about posture, cadence, mid foot and lean. Sign up online now, the class is limited to ten participants.  Make sure you wear your running shoes. And if you don’t have any, Fleet Feet is the perfect place to buy your next pair. Visit Fleet Feet Brentwood located at 330 Franklin Road. Visit them on Facebook for the latest offering and updates.

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