Movie Gang Looks for New Venue in 2020

The Movie Gang

The Movie Gang, an event that shares nostalgic movies with creative events, games, art, and raffles, is looking for a new venue in the coming year.

Over the last four years, The Movie Gang held its events at the Franklin Theatre but the group posted a letter to supporters on Instagram that no 2020 dates have been confirmed at the theatre.

In their letter, the Movie Gang said they wanted to update supporters on why there had not been any events at The Franklin Theatre since April. They explained that recently the theatre expressed some copyright concerns regarding a showing of Hook that took place in November 2018. The Movie Gang wrote on Instagram that they would have been happy to comply with recommendations, but these issues were not brought to them.

“There has been mention in our last conversations in October that we could potentially start again in 2020. But as that is approaching and no dates have been confirmed that is looking doubtful,” The Movie Gang wrote on Instagram.

You can read their entire Instagram post here.

Leadership at The Franklin Theatre has changed this past year. Paul T. Couch was hired as the theatre’s executive director in June.

“As a result of Couch’s assessment, the organization updated its policies and procedures to conform with industry standards. Following these updates, the vast majority of the Theatre’s clients obligingly complied. However, the Heritage Foundation and The Franklin Theatre regret that a few clients, including The Movie Gang and the Nashville Elvis Festival, have chosen to not continue their relationships with The Franklin Theatre under these industry best practices,” The Heritage Foundation said in a statement.

“In the coming year, the Heritage Foundation and The Franklin Theatre will continue to focus on ways to ensure the Theatre’s success and compliance while also focusing on its mission of providing world-class performing arts experiences to diverse audiences and being a platform for local philanthropic engagement and education.”

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