Morning Source: Timothy Stammen

Morning Source
Timothy Stammen

Originally Aired: December 2, 2020

Morning Source with Donna Vissman talks with jewelry designer Tim Stammen. From sketching a design of a customer’s ideas all the way to creating unique masterpieces, Stammen is a creator of one of a kind art jewels.

Stammen began his jewelry career at Tiffany’s, delivering their famous engagement ring line. Eager for challenge, Stammen moved to Austin, TX to work with award-winning jeweler and goldsmith Zolton David.

In 2015, Stammen launched Bezalel, a one of a kind line of high jewelry boasting fresh, artist inspired craftsmanship dripping with elegance. Named after a revered ancient artisan, Stammen’s vision for the Bezalel line was to respect timeless techniques whilst captivating with contemporary innovations.

Stammen moved with his wife Jenna to Nashville, TN where the couple could express their unique artistries, her being a cattle driver by day, country music star by night. In 2019 Stammen opened his own private workspace situated in the trendy upscale area of Germantown, a community of creative professionals at the top of their game. Here Stammen himself connects with every individual looking to create their unique piece.

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