More WCS Students Ace ACT

perfect ACT

From WCS inFocus

Fourteen more Williamson County Schools students can say they’ve aced the ACT exam.

From Brentwood High School, the following students earned a perfect 36 composite score: Cade Fowler, Ryan Fridge, Garrett Linney, Parker Nordstrom, Connor Novak and Paige Russell.

From Franklin High School, three students earned a composite score of 36: Megan Carneal, Christian Darr and Sally Johnson.

Nolensville High’s Joseph Sherrill, Summit High’s Zane Reed, Ravenwood High’s Ashwin Balaje and Kyle Hanfland also earned perfect composite scores.

Franklin High’s Joshua Garrettson broke an even bigger barrier by earning a true perfect 36, which is accomplished by earning a 36 on each section of the exam.

“Since Dr. Looney’s arrival, we’ve had a targeted focus on preparing students to be college-ready with rigorous instruction at all levels,” said WCS Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools Dr. Leigh Webb. “It is exciting to see students achieve at this high level, and I continue to be amazed at the success of our students and teachers.”