More Arrests Expected in Connection to Bomb Threats

On Monday, Superintendent of Williamson County School, Mike Looney, tweeted that there may be more arrests made as a result of the slew of threats that has evacuated schools more than six times now in Williamson County.

A string of threats has been happening since February here in Williamson County and the greater Nashville area. Threatening graffiti, bomb threats and kill lists have been the cause of evacuation at many schools since early February:

  • Pearre Creek Elementary in Westhaven receives threat on social media Feb. 6.
  • Brentwood High finds threatening graffiti in boys bathroom Feb. 9
  • Independence High School finds kill list in boys bathroom and WCSO arrests student April 2
  • Ravenwood has received 2 bomb threats since March
  • Centennial was evacuated due to a bomb threat April 14
  • Heritage Middle evacuated due to a bomb threat in April 16 WCSO makes arrest
  • In Wilson County a custodian was arrested for threatening graffiti
  • 7 Metro Nashville Schools have been evacuated for bomb threats and graffiti in the last couple of months
  • Antioch High School received a threat that brought in the FBI April 16.

“Bogus threats are far more than harmless pranks. The fact that anyone would show such disrespect to actual victims of school violence and their surviving families is disturbing. When we arrest them and they face a judge, they will quickly come to realize this,” said Sargent Charles Warner of the Franklin Police Department.

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