New Leiper’s Fork Boutique Featuring One of a Kind Items Opens This Weekend

Moo Country

Leipers Fork welcomes a new boutique this weekend. Moo Country, owned by Dawn Ann Ritter (known in the modeling & acting world as Dawn Ann Billings), features unique vintage and contemporary clothing, jewelry and home accessories. This will be the second location for Moo Country, the first one is located in Montana.

Moo Country Focuses on One-of-a Kind Items

“When I decided to open a store out here, everyone who knew my brand and had been to my store said I belonged in Leiper’s Fork where all the original, and unique shopping is. Then when I came here to look; it was a perfect fit. I design 60% of the clothing I carry, and dress women all over the country who want something unique and one of a kind to wear not mass produced.  I have women who I dress head to toe who are going to a special event or just want to wear something that not everyone else has. That is something hard to find these days,” says Ritter.

You’ll also be able to find gift items or accessories for your home at Moo Country.

The Inspiration for Moo Country

“Vintage and contemporary silhouettes with designer details made from luxury fabrics represent our brand. My inspiration is the ranch woman out in the middle of nowhere who is put together flawlessly head to toe. Think of someone like Barbara Stanwick in Bonanza or Big Country. Besides clothing, I carry one of a kind custom Montana made boots, leather crossbody bags, wooly lamb & cowhide pillows,  alpaca soaps , ceramic dishes, historic ranch brand napkins, and just all of my favorite things that are ‘off the beaten path’. I also have my signature jewelry line new this year- my “Cheyenne” collection (Native American bearded earrings and bracelets), as well as a calfskin collection. My modeling background has given me contacts along the way, artisans or designers that I love that do very different and unique designs as well,” says Ritter.

What’s in a Name?

If you’re wondering how Ritter came up with the name Moo Country, she says it’s personal and pays homage to Montana.

“Moo Country came about when I had a dream one night about a cowboy logo (me being a Montana girl), and his bow legs shaped the M for Moo…I literally drew a stick figure (I’m not good at drawing) and enlisted a graphic artist to render it as I had pictured. As a child, I called my mom Moo and I love everything cowhide (like Montana) so there you have it,” says Ritter.

Grand Opening Details

Grand opening for Moo Country (4208 Old Hillsboro Road) is Saturday, October 13 from 4 p – 8 p. Customers can enjoy food, whiskey by Leipers Fork Distillery, fashion starting at 6:15 p and giveaways. Musical entertainment will include artist Khaki, Micheal Ricks, Garrett Jacobs (American Idol 2018) and Franklin resident Nathan Lee Picard featuring Trace Ritter of Chalk Farm. Ritter says there may even be a few surprise guestx so you don’t want to miss it.