Montessori Flourishes in Frankin

Recently the Montessori School of Franklin has gotten back to work on their sustainable garden. Students have the opportunity to work in the garden daily and learn about sustainable agriculture first hand. The summer also brought a generous donation to the school of iPad 2’s for the students.

The school garden is doing wonderfully and they hope to one day host their own farmer’s market for neighborhood businesses in and around Noah Drive. “The whole school will be able to come together and experience first-hand that hard work achieves its purpose,” said Rhonda McKay, director of The Montessori School of Franklin (Picture Below). “And with the donation of the iPads, students now have even more of an opportunity to advance their learning through non-traditional education.”


The Jaeckle Center helped contribute the iPads. Theresa Jaeckle’s son has been a student at the school since age three and she felt all the students could benefit from the devices. Every student at the school received an iPad 2 as a tool for developing research and organization skills, improve writing techniques, teaching various subjects, and building computer literacy skills.

Montessori is a unique and rewarding learning environment where each student learns at their pace. Manipulative exercises and individual tailored training plans help children excel. Students are welcome at Montessori from 30 months of age to 12. Currently a huge neighborhood play space is under construction behind the school for students and the community.

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