Modern Simplicity and Beautiful Floors to Match

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In an age where our lives are cluttered with information, digital communications, and 24/7 media, elements of modern design are extremely appealing. The clean, straight lines and simplicity can provide a much-needed respite from the chaos of our daily lives. When your life seems cluttered with appointments, to-dos, and Pinterest-perfect projects, creating a home that is the opposite of your hectic lifestyle can help you to simplify your life. Well, at least part of your life. At Carpet One, Interior Designer Sara Bederman, shares rules of modern simplicity.

The basic rules of modern design call for uncluttered spaces, furniture that has function and a muted, neutral color palette. When it comes to flooring for your simply modern space, you’ll want to look for options that line up with these ideals.

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First up, the look of your floor. Wood flooring in lighter, more natural stain colors blend seamlessly with light and bright neutral palettes. Natural wood tones also provide warmth to the sometimes stark, cold feeling of modern furnishings. Don’t ignore the grain of the wood. Some species, like maple, have very little natural graining and variations in color. This provides a more consistent even color across your floor. While many trending floors utilize multiple stain colors and even multiple species of wood, if you’re looking for modern simplicity, it’s best to choose a floor that will be more consistent from board to board.

When it comes to carpet, neutrals are a no-brainer but don’t overlook subtle geometric patterns offered in cut and loop styles. These patterns can elevate the style of your flooring without distracting from the simplicity of your modern home. If you decide to go with hard surfaces throughout your home, you may still find that there are places you’d like a little softness. Area rugs can fulfill these needs, but make sure to choose a rug that matches the tones of your floor to keep that simple, clean look. Area rugs with tonal patterns and geometric designs work well. You may also find that getting a custom-cut piece of carpet and having it bound to create a rug works well in your space.

For bathrooms, kitchens and entryways, tile is another versatile option for modern flooring. Similar to wood, it’s important to keep the floor color neutral and variation between pieces minimal. Clean lines and geometric shapes are a staple in tile flooring so the look easily fits with modern décor. But, don’t think that your modern floor needs to be boring. Tile offers a wide variety of options for installation.

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credit-Stephan Buchman

Another aspect of modern design is functionality. Choosing furnishings and décor that also serve a purpose can help keep clutter at bay and keep your look simple. When it comes to flooring,functionality is important too. For spaces that get more foot traffic, opt for more durable flooring options like luxury vinyl tile or porcelain tile. Many hardwood floors also have strong, durable finishes that will stand up to time and activity. For spaces where you want to relax and feel more comfortable, extra-soft carpet is a must.

If you’re looking for ways to simplify your home (and your life), modern design elements could be just the solution you’re looking for. And, even if super sleek modern isn’t for you, these modern design-friendly floors, could get your next project started off on the right foot.


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