Mockingbird Restaurant in Spring Hill Closes Temporarily

Mockingbird Restaurant
credit Facebook

The Mockingbird Restaurant in Spring Hill announced they are temporarily closing and don’t have an exact date when they will reopen.

In a social media post, they shared, “We are SO incredibly heartbroken to announce this, but due to the discovery of an unexpected issue with the structure, we have had to close the doors until further notice. We have been busy today working with insurance and a contractor to come up with a game plan! As of today, we do not have a target date to re-open, but trust that we are working diligently to make this happen as quickly as possible!”

The message continued, “It can be difficult, especially now- with higher material prices, supply chain issues, and labor shortages to fix these issues quickly but we hope to be able to open our doors again as soon as we can. We are hopeful for only 2 weeks. We love this community and love serving this community! Trust us when we say we will miss seeing your faces every day until we reopen.”

In December 2020, The Mockingbird Restaurant announced they had new owners, Tara and Les Stouder, the previous owner was Tanya Prifitera. The restaurant first opened back in 2016.

Find the latest updates on their Facebook page.