Miranda Lambert Films Music Video at Her Columbia Farm

Miranda Lambert’s Columbia farm is the setting for her new music video Settling Down. 

Not only did Lambert feature her picturesque farm, but her love interest for the video was also her husband, Brendan McLoughlin.

Lambert called into SiriusXM’s The Storme Warren Show where she shared about making the video with her husband.

“We shot it at my farm and I’ve never had a love interest in a video my entire career. And so I figured why not my husband who happens to be caught here and free. So we, he did great. He, he loved it. He was, he was a champ and I got to ride my real horse Gibson and in a Cape, I’m like, what kind of princess bride fairytale is this, it’s awesome.”

In sharing more about the video, Lambert says you can see the farmhouse where she’s spent a lot of time in 2020 during COVID.

“It was fun too. I mean, we got to experience that together and that’s my farmhouse that we were, I mean, that’s where we’ve been all of 2020 on lockdown. So, it was easy for us. We got to wake up and have coffee and shoot a video and go to bed. But you know, what’s funny is, Brendan from New York City. So he’s not grown up fishing or anything. So he’s, he’s gotten to be quite the fishermen over 2020. Cause there wasn’t really much else to do.”

When Storme asked about the lyrics of Settling Down saying it sounds like a crossroads but you’ve made a decision, Lambert replied, “Yeah. It’s sort of the, you know, I’ve got that gypsy spirit, but it’s like, how do I kind of figure out how to have both and with Brendan and I in the Airstream with that is kind of the happy medium, I guess. You know? And so, my mom always said that to me when I was a little girl, she’d be like, you’re a homing pigeon, but you’re a wild child. And so like, can you be both? And that’s sort of where the song came from.”


  1. I love that song! Miranda the farm looks beautiful. My dad built that farm and love that you have kept the integrity of each building while still adding your own style. We have very fond memories out there and on that dock. I have a special picture of my grandfather fishing on that dock before he passed away. It is fun to see it in your video, thanks for sharing.

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