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There are few things that people who love their cars would not do for their car. But if you have a beautiful car, why would you put it in an unfinished garage? Whether you are a car person or have a gearhead in your life, we’re here to show you how to get your garage up to the same level as their car. Today’s Ultimate Garage Guide looks at storage, cabinetry, and benches.

One of the top companies for garage storage is Gladiator. In cabinetry, Gladiator offers both wall-hung cabinets and rolling cabinets. The wall cabinet system from Gladiator allows for easy installation, since they are all on easy to Miles Garage 2install brackets. The welded steel cabinets come in a tough diamond plate pattern in a traditional silver color scheme, but are also available in other customizable colors. Matching drawer tool chests are available from Gladiator as well.

Work benches are important for any family handyman, and Gladiator offers them as well. Benches are available in both bamboo and maple wood tops and come in 4, 6, and 8 feet models. Beyond having a large workspace, the benches also come in adjustable heights. Matching wood tops are also available for floor cabinets to maximize workspace available.

For people who want to maximize their floor space, Gladiator also offers wall storage options. After installing universal tracks by Gladiator, the company offers wall hanging options for everything from bins to bikes, from hoses to rakes.

For anyone looking to use Gladiator products to customize their garage, MILES Auto Spa offers Gladiator products.


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